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Scratch Programming language -Download

Hurrah!…Programming (coding) is back in the curriculum. Scratch is the best way to introduce coding to children. Having spent many hours comparing it with other languages I can assure you that it is inspired…and totally free! In 2015 Bodmin College who provide guidance for local schools also recommended that Junior Schools adopt Scratch. Click on link to right to view some examples of kids work or click on the images below to view our top projects.

With Scratch version 2 programming is done on the web. You do not need to download it onto your computer.   This means that children can work finish projects at home started at school. If your Internet connection is dodgy then it Scratch can be downloaded using the link on the right. Scratch 2 does need Adobe Air and Adobe Flash Player and so cannot be run on tablets.  

Using Scratch-see links on right

1. Google scratch and locate Or click on link on right

2.  Click on Create on the blue bar -That's All!

3.  Once confident then click  Join scratch-this is also on the blue bar. You will need a user name and password. Please write these  down as nine our of ten children will forget!

4.  To open a program saved at school you need to sign in with  username and password.

5. Now click on your name and then My Stuff.

Enjoy  HighlightS of 2017/2018’s Projects by clicking on the images below.

Roselyon Paint 2017

 Year 5 were tasked with designing a Paint App which could be used by our younger children. I think that their solution rivals Microsoft Paint!

Greek Myths 2017

Year 5 and 6 were tasked with each retelling a Greek Myth. They first had to locate a youtube video which they added to our History website. This link tells the Myth of Icarus and Daedalus.

Pattern Music Website 2017

All of our children are encouraged to design their own patterns using Maths sequences. We then used these as a backdrop to a music website. I selected this pattern from one of our year 6 pupils-but I changed the song content…sorry! Roselyon as paid into a music copyright scheme but your children must not publish their own versions on their accounts.

Fish Game 2017

Year 3 are encouraged to design simple games such as keeping a fish away from a shark. I asked Year 5 to further develop this game…this version is not the most most complicated-(sorry Dan- Your underwater Shopping Mall had me crying with laughter though!)

Space Invaders 2017

The children were shown a Youtube video of this great Arcade game and tasked with replicating it. Tom was first to come up with a way to keep multiple invaders descending together.

Grid Reference Tester 1983

Over thirty years ago I taught Apple Basic and then  BBC Basic to the children. We coded a program to test 6 figure grid references…and sold it to a software company for £200!  Our of intellectual curiosity I attempted to use Scratch to replicate the quiz so that our current children could learn 4 figure grid references. Enjoy!

Tables Tester

This simple program was my first attempt at using Scratch for coding. In 2018 the children will be developing this game on the lines of Horrah for Henrietta- a Windows 3.1 maths game where correct answers allow you to rescue Henrietta and incorrect answers…

Shoot The Ghost 2017

Here is another example of one of the games that I use to teach Year 3 about some of the more advanced features of Scratch.

Links to Children’s Sites

Many of our children design and upload their own games. Here is a link to Alec’s site. Alec now runs the computer Coding Club at Roseland School

Online Tests

Most coding involves using multiple programs. The Rocket website provides links to 7 online tests in Science and History. This is the first one we wrote. Emma worked on the PowerPointslides. Alec wrote the coding for the test.

Racing Game 2017

Many of the children upload their games to the Roselyon Scratch Site.  Here is a link to Jobey’s Racing Car Game.

Link to Roselyon Scratch

Link to Download Scratch

Link to use Scratch online or to create a Scratch account.

Interactive Story 2018

All of our children will be writing similar stories this year.

Hoorah for Henrietta-maths game 2018

As our children imrove their coding my aim is to use their skills to rewrite the earliest computer games…and this was basically the first ever educational game-and the best.

This is what Year 5 and 6 will be working on during the Summer Term…and Year 5 will be coding the other three parts of this game next term.

SeaLife Quiz

Year 5’s latest quiz 2018Writing this involved using the Internet to research the questions, PowerPoint to create the slides and Scratch to run the Quiz. We will be adding sound effects using Audacity. The authors of Scratch have done a brilliant job of creating compatibility  with just about every other program.

Space Defence 2017

A great shoot em up game…Your job is to hit the meteorites before they destroy our planet. I do need a maths boffin to convert the accuracy into a percentage!

Ancient Egypt Quiz 2018

The questions were compiled by Year 3. The children take this test at the end of their studies into Ancient Egypt.

Habitat Game 2018

Year 3 are coding this (Summer 2018) and adding their own habitats and comments.

Colin is trying to find the best habitat for the camel.

Pong 2017

This was the first computer game I ever played. I challenged Year 6 to rewrite it using Scratch.

This was Tom’s version. I added the instructions.