Scratch Syllabus Safe Internet Webdesign Animation software

Stykz and Pivot

All classes use Pivot/ Stykz to build stop go animations. The software provides a simple introduction to cartoon making. What can be achieved is only limited by the imagination of your child. Do go on Youtube to get ideas.

Click on the image to Download Stykx or Pivot. Both are similar but Pivot is the simpler to use.

Warning-As with all downloads Decline all of the “Bloatware” that is offered.

Animation at Roselyon

Examples of our Recent Animations

Children graduate onto using Photoshop to create traditional Stop Go Animations. Their slides (about 100 per child!) are pasted onto ZU3d software…

Alfred The Great

Heracles 2017

This is the cut down version of our Heracles animation

Plasterscene Animation

We have made several Plasterscene and Lego animations.  Here is Emma’s and Isla’s.