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Ancient Egyptians-click on images to view

Horrible Histories Awesome Egyptians

Hieroglyphs-Enter your name and the website will translate it into Hieroglyphs

Mummification in Ancient Egypt

BBC Bitesize

BBC Ancient Egypt siteLinks to Make a mummy game and Build a Pyramid challenge

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Building Pyramids (2) BBC Bitesize

This shows quarrying

Horrible Histories Song - Cleopatra - CBBC

Tutankhamen -Youtube video

This shows quarrying

Tomb Adventure Game-A brilliant game used by Year 3 in lessons

How to build a shaduf

Build a mummy game -as used by Year 3

build a pyramid game-as used by Year 3

Horrible Histories Egyptians:Pharaohs Funeral Chamberlain vs. Royal Bum Wiper!

Horrible Histories The Pharoh Report-history of Tutankhamun

Horrible Histories Awful Egyptians Real Tomb Raider Scary Stories The Curse

Horrible Histories- Hieroglyphics song

Horrible Histories Mummification

The Judgement Ceremony

Roselyon School play

Joseph and his Technicolor Dreamcoat

Tutankhamuns Tomb-BBC Bitesize

BBC Bitesize-building a pyramid part 5