Red Class by Talai

Hello, I'm Talai and I'm going to show you a bit about Red Class or you may call it reception . There are only six children in Red Class, one of them is my sister Lily. There are three girls and three boys. Their teacher is Mrs Loosely. Everyone loves Mrs Loosely because she can tell facts for England and she is always kind and caring, I personally think Red class is the best class because everyone loves forest school. Forest school is a place where children experience the world from the outside point of view. There at forest school the children get to make there own camp fires (with adult supervision), they have snacks such as biscuits a drink, toast and more. Forest school is only for Nursery and Red Class. And sometimes they make delicious popcorn yum yum ! : )

Text Box: That's me driving !!! : )

Click on the above picture to watch a video made by Year 6 all about our Red class.