Prep VI Camp 2009



Mr Fs Walk

When we arrived Mr F took us on a walk round the camp. We walked over tussocks. Hamish adopted a frog and called it Burt. We then found a hidden quarry where the hairy hand is said to live. We played on the boulders.

Mountain Boarding

Zavi was the king of the Mountain Boards! Ben smashed into Mr Fs tent. Mr F ended up covered in blood when his power slide went wrong.




The Gold team won but only because Rick changed the rules!

Screaming Game.

We had to run as far as we could whilst screaming our heads off. Karina was loudest. Tom went furthest.

Camp Fire

We collected wood for the fire. Tom and Zavi sawed it up. Mr F cooked a BBQ. Only Zavi was sick! Mr F told us a lot of true horror stories. They are too scary to write here!

Zip Wire

It was very scary! We stepped out onto nothing. Hamish was convinced that he would die!

On the Water

We went on kayaks and Canadian canoes. Most of us got wet!


We went into the woods with Rick, Chris and Mr F. We were shown how to light a fire by Mr F. We then had to build a shelter. We then lit our own fires by rubbing a flint onto steel. We cooked marshmallows.


Team Building Games

Generous Tony was in charge. We had to cross the lake without getting wet. Most of us fell in. We also played the knot game and the hoop game.

Abseiling and Climbing

Most of us Abseiled down the cliff. We then climbed up again. Eloise, Bizzie and Zavi managed to climb without using any blocks on the first part of the wall.

A rare picture of the boys doing some work in the kitchen!