We pretended to be archaeologists. We had to find clues buried in the sand which was supposed to be the Sahara desert

We read the clues and then we had to locate the object on the table. All the objects were genuine artefacts discovered by archaeologists.

Below are some pictures showing us identifying the objects– they were all priceless and so we had an adult on each table!

    This is papyrus which is paper made from reeds.


This is a death mask.

   This is a shabti– They became your servant in the afterlife.

This part of a statue had hieroglyphs written on it.

We learnt how a mummy was made.

This fantastic casket covered the mummy .

Click on the image above to watch Year 4 acting out the play of The Judgement Ceremony in 2010.

Below are some of the artefacts we identified.

We then went to have a look at a real mummy.

This is one of the treasures buried in with the mummy– a funeral boat.

Finally we took part in a play about the Weighing of the Heart Ceremony. They left the heart in the mummy and when you arrived at the Hall of Osiris you heart was put onto a balance. All the gods of Egypt asked you questions about your life. If you told the truth then the Feather of Truth would balance and you would be allowed into the afterlife. If you lied then the heart would fall and be eaten by a monster called Amanarit. You would then cease to exist.  Click on Poppy to watch the video of our play.

Osiris and Isis.  Click above to watch our play.

Amanarit– Eater of the Dead!

The Judgement gods

The Judgement goddesses


A huge thanks to Mr Marshall Stevens, Mr Babb and Mrs Luck- who came straight from a nightshift...and to our children for impressing us all with their enthusiasm and knowledge.