Text Box: Johnny Crows Garden by Year 3
 April 2013

Johnny Crow

Would dig and sow

Till he made a little garden                      In Johnny Crow’s Garden



And the Lion

Had a green and yellow tie on                




And the frog

Had a snog

And the Pig

Wore a wig

Then the bat

Was very fat

And the snail went

A journey with a whale

And the dog

Got stuck in a bog

And  the  horse

Got a  divorce

And the car

 Didn't go far

In Jonny Crow’s garden 

In ICT we have been learning how to write rhyming poetry. First we looked at a brilliant poem for kids called Johnny Crows Garden.

Click on the picture of the crow to see the poem.

I wrote the alphabet on the board. The children chose an animal and we looked at all possible rhymes. Each child has written over two pages of verse. I have selected one rhyme from each child and then selected a few extra.


And a kitten

Was in  a mitten

And a cat

Wore a  hat









And  the  tiger

Ate some fibre

And the dog

Got lost in the  fog