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During the  staff  meeting Summer 2013 it was decided to put a link via a Blog site  so that  parents could view their children's poems and so I will not be uploading any more videos. AF



Year 5 winning poets

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Year 4 winning poets

Talai reading The Tummy Beast by Roald Dahl

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 Year 3 Poetry with Mr F 2013

And the Armadillo

Went To Live in Amarillo…

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Year 5 Poetry Summer 2013


Africa by Maddie

Africa is a country of wildlife and wonder,

Zebras running in herds,

Monkeys swinging in trees,

Africa is a place to kill,

Lions stalk their pray,

Hippos fight in the water.

Africa is a place of sadness and fear,

Poachers kill elephants for the luck in their tusks,

Kill tigers for their skins as decoration,

Africa is a place of beautiful scenery,

The skies are bright, and the trees are green,

And the water flows in the streams like a ribbon.

Africa is a place of sadness and death,

Poachers kill,

Zebras run,

But most of all, Africa is a place of survival.


The Beach by Naiomi


     The golden sand shimmers in the rays of the sun,                

       The sea is a roaring dragon pouncing on its prey,

        Children tease it by almost letting the dragon catch

                                                                            them, then running away.

         Soon he gets tired and lets the sailors pass,

         The dragon starts the roaring again,

         He tosses the sailors and surfers about and makes

                                                                                         their boats capsize,

          You’re lucky if you survive,

          He soon gets tired again and settles in for the night,

          But beware of the next morning for he starts it all again.


The Flowing River by Sophie

Rivers are ribbons flowing through the countryside,

Beating against the smooth golden rocks,

The wood drifting along,

Leaves dangling in the stream,

The water shimmering as the air rushes over.

Squirting the water up and up,

Little droplets trickling,

The crystal surface,

The turquoise rushing water,

The fish swimming in and out of the rocks.

The splashing and the noise,

The nature that waits upon your eyes,

River are ribbons flowing through the countryside,

Beating against the golden rocks.


The Sea Beast by Caitlin

In the azure lake, far away,

Resides a monster who slithers through rocks,

He destroys his prey as quick as a lightning bolt,

This great beast’s stomach is rumbling.

As this monster draws so close,

The little fish quail in fear,

One last swipe then

All the fish are wiped clean.

As the monster swims away,

Suddenly he feels very sick,

And all the fish of the deep lagoon,

Come swimming back as quick as light.

The lake is free of the ghastly Sea Beast.


The Train by Red

Faster than sound and light,

Ripping and tearing across the track

Not stopping when it nears the end,

Just glimpsing faces as it speeds past,

Air blowing at its front,

Leaping over the horrific hurdles,

Bouncing and bending as it hits the ground

That is the train’s journey.


Trees by Max

Trees, they stand still... quiet,

But, they do move, by the wind,

When Man comes they collapse.

Their saws grinding, grizzling.

Just a seed sown in soil,

Then, bam! You’re germinated.

Slowly growing into a tree,

Rain, sun; rain, sun: the same thing.

Over and over again.

The wood used for fire,

It hurts being a tree.

If you were a tree, you might wish

You were never grown.


The Typhoon by Oli

The   Typhoon is like a soaring eagle,

Fire exploding out of its jets,

Dodging missiles from its enemy prey.

The landing gear has been put down

It lands on the runway with a screech,

Bedding down in the hangar for the night.


The Storm by Alice

Spits like snakes,

Cackles like a witch,

The violent wind screams and savagely rips.

Thunder booms,

Lightning flashes,

The tall cliffs fall like broken matches.

Waves crash,

Aiming to kill,

Then, suddenly, it is perfectly still


The Giraffe by Loughlin

The giraffe is tall as a house .

Big as the Eiffel Tower ,their

Spots are like brown patches,

Fitting together like jigsaw pieces,

And their legs are like long

Trains. Their body’s are as

Skinny as a rake, and their

Necks are as long as a lamp-post.


The Dark Forest by Finn

The dark forest looms over all creatures,

Little ants carrying huge objects to home.

Cuddly koalas is what they seem,

But really they are killers

Eating bamboo up in the trees.

Orangutans with their long arms,

Swinging from branch to branch,

Moving faster than a man running.

A tiger swerving fast through the leaves,

Catching a deer and bringing it down for lunch

Hiding in a Fiery Town by Poppy

Sky like fire,

Trees like torches,

The furnace is spreading,

The narrow street scorches.

 As I hide with only fear,

And the terrible sound of bombing to hear,

The disturbing thought of the star on my arm,

And the blood-thirsty Germans causing so much        harm.

Now the sirens are sounding ‘all clear’,

The golden morning sun is beginning to appear,

Although the bombers have gone away,

I must fight the harsh labour of another day.








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