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Clip 2287 shows us that some liquids are better than other at dissolving. (ks3 only)

Clip 2296 shows that burning is a chemical reaction– a non reversible change.

Clip 2295 shows us how to separate the salt from salty water. It also show a better way to get the water back by distillation.

Making a rocket!

 with fizzy tablet and water.

1856 Rusting-


Clip 2203 shows how sieves and filters separate solids from liquids

A great trick…How to put out a candle with a home made fire extinguisher!

Clip 1611: Does Gas weigh anything

Making Carbon Dioxide using baking powder

Making a CO2 generator

Temperature changes when adding vinegar to baking soda

333 How oxygen dissolves in water

Magic trick using universal indicator and acids and bases.

Level 7 What happens to molecules when water evaporates.

Some cool science tricks for yr 6