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Clip 2192  gives year 6 some ideas for their electricity models– a steady hand game, a quiz and a birthday card which lights up.

Clip 2190 shows how a battery pushes electricity through a circuit. Prep 3

Clip 2195  explains that a power station is just like a huge battery!

Clip 1646  explains the dangers of high voltage.

Clip 2414  explains the dangers of electricity.

This video is for Year 6.     www.youtube.com/watch?v=D2monVkCkX4

2193 Electrical insulators and conductors

Clip 4 Fuses

This clip 1645 explains what an electric current is. (keystage 3 only)

Year 6

What is voltage, amps etc

Two videos

This is a brilliant game which tells you everything you need to know.

You may have to install flash-there is a link on the game

Phet Electrical circuit simulation program-Download this to run

The flow of electrons in Static Electricity- Year 6

Circuit Diagrams-Yrs 3-6

Science Max-Static Electricity

Great Fun for Year 3 upward

Static Electricity