Mr F’s Crazy Science Videos

 Selected  videos have so far won the Royal Society Chemistry annual competition and been featured on BBC Autumn Watch, Gardener’s Question Time, The Daily Telegraph, New Scientist, BBC Breakfast, and Junior Education magazine

Are Spiders repelled by conkers?-Royal Society for Chemistry national award

Which child can make the most horrible lolly-to teach children that all liquids freeze.

Year 6 and Year 3 investigate how to get a liquid to evaporate faster.

Which is the best fertilizer for growing potatoes-one of the many investigations carried out in the school garden.

Does being nice to plant make them grow better…we investigate.

The children investigate thermal insulators.

Which habitat do slow worms prefer?-the children investigate.  

Which is the best barrier to stop snails! Click on the images above to view all 4 videos.

Crazy Talk- Animal Classification

Crazy Talk- How seeds spread

Crazy Talk- Plant Classification

Crazy Talk- The children have animated still images to make informative videos  using this brilliant software.

Year 5 design electronic swords for the school fencing team.

Year 3 and 5 make nettle paper

More circuit designs. Four of the children’s designs were featured in a page spread in Junior Education Magazine and the videos are still on their site

The children investigate which is the best brand of washing powder.

Evaporation with Yr4 Our children need to learn how to carry out a fair test. I left the camera rolling in this Year 4 evaporation lesson. The class then used the video footage to put together their own videos. This one is Jesse’s.

Our very able children are encouraged to work on their own projects at home. This video shows how Poppy Made an Electric Motor

 Does music affect concentration

This is the first of the Year 6 individual 2014/15 science  investigations.

Is Sod’s Law True?

Years 3 and 5 drop bread to see if it lands butter side down.

Does listening to Jazz improve putting?

Years 6 and 4 investigate..

Scholarship Day Investigation 2015

Don’t burn the baby steady hand game.

Scholarship Day Investigation 2015

Do non harmful slug barrier pellets work?

The children design burglar alarms with a difference. These videos featured in Junior Education magazine..

Year 3 make Egyptian mudbricks to the original recipe.

Children do better without shoes?

We investigate the latest theory that removing shoes improves behaviour and concentration

 Does listening to Rock music or Classical music aid concentration?

Year 6 make electrical models 2017.

Year 6 make electrical models 2018.

Which is the best fertiliser for growing potatoes?.

Reception class gain success at the Boconnoc Flower Show

Our pets-The children filmed their pets and then helped put the footage together to make this heartwarming video.

Year 6 Projects 2018

Alfie’s Brilliant Reaction Tester