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Roselyon School Science Showcase

Mr Ferguson -June 2018

Welcome to our site which is a portal into the work carried out by our children.   Please use the navigation bar to view the videos and investigations.


Roselyon Videos.

 Roselyon Videos:

 Click on the image to view investigations carried out by the children. Our videos have won international awards and been featured on the BBC radio and TV..

 Pre 2010 Science  Experiments.

These were uploaded to the web using Publisher.  This is now no longer supported and so you may have to use compatibility view

Roselyon Investigations:

 Each year our year 6 children select (with some guidance) a science topic they wish to investigate. Other classes may help collect the data. These are written up, uploaded and from this year we are linking a video to each investigation. Please use the navigation bar to view or click on Josh to view his.

Does music affect concentration?

Roselyon Quiz Site

Click on the image to view our quiz page. This includes the year 3 and 4 science exams.

Roselyon Quizzes.